the benefits


Sport or performance Any successful human athlete will tell you that the secret to peak performance is a carefully detailed campaign programme comprised of personalised training, nutrition, health & well-being, enhancing training, and injury prevention. The sport or performance horse is no different. Along with the nutrition analysis, farrier, strengthening and conditioning programme, gear and technology, musculoskeletal bodywork is essential for competition longevity. Keeping a horse athlete flexible and free from musculoskeletal tension is a key aspect of your preparation and maintenance programme, PureEquine can help you with this. Detecting any early signs of soft tissue tension with regular bodywork can reduce and prevent injury during the season.

Behaviour or systemic issues Increasingly we are seeing horses that are grass affected, or exhibiting metabolic signs or other endocrine type conditions. PureEquine understands these issues and the often difficult and frustrating times we have as owners as we try to manage these types of horses. Bowen therapy in particular can be helpful in supporting the horse systemically as well as addressing the musculoskeletal issues that can arise from the secondary symptoms caused by these conditions.

Pleasure horse You might think that your weekend neddy is exempt from aches and pains but this is not so. Just as we carry around undetected sub-clinical tension our horse can too. It’s not until we visit the physiotherapist or massage therapist and they press their thumbs into those areas that we realise those ‘ouch’ spots.  Without regular work, our horse’s top-lines diminish and muscles begin to compensate. As the horse begins to make subtle adjustments, without us realising the saddle can unbalance pushing into the shoulder blade or the hamstrings begin to overuse because the back muscles are no longer as strong. The primitive instinct of the horse is to disguise any weakness for fear of falling to prey so although no lameness can be detected the horse can become a bit grumpy or ‘off’. Know that PureEquine can help you pinpoint the underlying issues, provide you with sound advice and where necessary refer your horse to other knowledgeable practitioners or your vet.

A sample of reasons people ask for pureequine’s help

  • My horse is having difficulty maintaining rhythm in the canter

  • He can’t hold his hind leg up for the farrier for very long

  • He has started refusing to jump

  • My horse doesn’t really like going on the left rein, it’s got worse recently

  • I know she is sore, but I can’t tell exactly where she just feels ‘off’

  • My horse can been diagnosed as metabolic but  he seems a bit depressed and disinterested