about pureequine


Based in Canterbury, PureEquine travels to you to provide soft tissue therapy to your horse. A whole body approach is taken and treatment is individualised to your horse. Consideration to the feet, nutritional intake, discipline type, age and conformation are included in the consultation process. The main modality utilised by PureEquine is the hands-on fascial release technique Bowen therapy.  Additionally and included for the benefit of your horse are several other chosen modalities; Emmett technique, Masterson Method and trigger point release. Having a remit of different techniques is useful, and allows the treatment to be adjusted to the horse’s needs especially if the horse has difficulty keeping still for an extended period or is very sensitive to touch due to pain. All are based around a similar method of tissue tension release to decrease restriction and improve biomechanical movement.



  • Welcomes the opportunity to work within a team. Open communication with owner, rider, farrier, chiropractor, saddle fitter and/or vet is imperiative in achieving success.

  • Confidently recognises it’s parameters of knowledge and has a good network of other skilled practitioners to happily refer you too.

  • Maintains a strictly confidential service.

  • Travels to Dunedin regularly and is able to provide services in the Otago area.


With so many different modalities now available to the horse owner, it can be difficult to choose which option is best. Not only does PureEquine have reputable qualifications, ongoing professional development is a priority too. PureEquine offers you a confidential personalised service recognising that each horse has different needs. Whether it’s your 3* eventer, endurance ride, polo pony, racing interest or weekend warrior, PureEquine will help your horse to find balance, well-being and performance.