assessment & treatment

Initial consultation includes a 15min interview with the owner to understand the horses needs, current workload, feeding requirements, health requirements (feet, dentist), competition goals. Followed by an assessment of conformation (bony and musculature), walk up of horse to observe gait and palpation of the horse’s soft tissues. The ensuing treatment can take 45-60 minutes depending on how the individual horse responds. The owner is provided with a treatment summary and advised of any follow-up requirements. 

Where needed, PureEquine will prescribe post treatment recommendations such as exercises or stretches to assist in maintaining flexibility, saddle/nutrition/farrier review. The overall aim is to provide you with the information you need to assist your horse to perform at its best.


PureEquine offers a consultation service where the horse is assessed as above in the initial consultation but in a more detailed way, minimum 30 minutes. On completion, PureEquine will provide recommendations for the client to follow up at their discretion. Clients would use this service when:

  • An assessment and treatment was booked but on assessment, it is clear the horse requires another more immediate service e.g. chiropractic adjustment, veterinarian intervention. PureEquine can provide contact details of those suitably qualified for the purpose.

  • It’s hard to know what to do when you’re horse presents in such a way that the pathway forward is not clear and you require some sound advice.

  • Looking to purchase a horse for its suitability to the specified discipline longevity. Note this is not a substitute for a pre-purchase check completed by a veterinarian.


PureEquine is not strictly correct, as along with horses, PureEquine offers Bowen therapy for riders as well. Often a rider can influence the horse’s gait and performance, PureEquine can treat the rider imbalances either on-site or at the home clinic. If you are competing at a high level, your own health, fitness and body biomechanics can be a game changer at those top placings.

The session includes a short interview of your health status, assessment for the purposes of the treatment and the ensuing Bowen therapy treatment. Allow 30-75 minutes depending on your needs.

You don’t have to be a rider to receive a treatment, Show Mum’s can benefit too :)


And don’t forget your canine buddy, dogs benefit musculoskeletally from Bowen therapy too.